Our Supporters

Nuestro Ahora wishes to thank our following supporters. Our program exists because of you. Know that your gift is making a difference today; thanks to your contribution our students are studying.
> > > > > GIFTS IN HONOR OF: < < < < <
Catholic Schools Office, Diocese of Springfield, Massachusetts
Ms. Nelly deCarvallo, Head of Academy, St. Michael's Academy, Springfield, Massachusetts
Ms. Ann Dougal, Principal, St. Michael's, Springfield, Massachusetts
Ms. Patricia Fay, New York, New York
Thanks to Boston College's School of Theology!
Fr. John D. Kirwin, Saratoga Springs, New York
Leadership Team, St. Michael's Academy, Springfield, Massachusetts
Sr. Millie Marengo, SSJ, Springfield, Massachusetts
Ms. Joanne Powers, Lead Teacher, St. Michael's Academy, Springfield Massachusetts
Ms. Carol Raffaele, Principal, St. Michael's Academy, Springfield, Massachusetts
Fr. Richard A. Riendeau's 50th Anniversary, Holyoke, Massachusetts
Ms. Regina A. Rust, Indiana
Sr. Mary Shea, SSJ, Springfield, Massachusetts
Sr. Judith Smeltz, SSJ, Springfield, Massachusetts
Sr. Maureen Toomey, SND, Springfield, Massachusetts
Sr. M. Madeline Ward, SSJ, Springfield, Massachusetts
Ms. Jeanine Wilson, Springfield, Massachusetts
> > > > GIFTS IN MEMORY OF: < < < <
Mrs. Ann M. Butova, Massachusetts
Mr. Paul A. Durand, Massachusetts                               
Mr. Robert Engelke, Florida                                        
Mr. Ray Feeley, Massachusetts
Mr. Anthony Kocylowski, Pennsylvania
Ms. Jodie Lynn Malinowski, Massachusetts
Mrs. Norma G. Mercier, Massachusetts
Mrs. Sally Ann Ratyna, Connecticut
Mr. Richard Shale Robin, Massachusetts
> > > > > GENERAL GIFTS: < < < < <
Anonymous, California
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry R. Aldrich, Massachusetts
Ms. Sherry Armstrong, Massachusetts
Mr. Ray Archambault, Massachusetts
Mrs. Mary Ann Avello, Illinois
Mrs. Maria R. Baccino, Florida*
Mr. Bill Bacis, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Oscar J. Bail, Massachusetts*
Ms. Lyndsi Baker, Honduras
Mrs. Connie Baron, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Behan, New York
Ms. Margaret M. Bernard, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Bernier, Massachusetts
Rev. Mr. & Mrs. John Bledsoe, Massachusetts*
Thanks to Ms. Koch for Encyclopedias & Atlases for Our Library!
Boston College School of Theology and Ministry Summer Institute Collection, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Bourbeau, Massachusetts
Ms. Maureen E. Bourbeau, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Bowers, Massachusetts
Mrs. Mary S. Bowler, Massachusetts
Ms. Sheila A. Brady, Illinois
Ms. Stephanie Bronner, Illinois
Mrs. Hilda Brosky, Florida
The Brothers of Sabbath House, Albany, New York
Ms. Kristy Calaway, Ohio
Ms. Adrienne Calotta, New Jersey*
Ms. Grace Carlson, Minnesota*
Ms. Marie Cavanaugh/Mr. James Barrese, New Jersey*
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Cavanaugh, Massachusetts*
Mr. Matthew W. Cavanaugh, Massachusetts
Mr. Neal T. Cavanaugh, Massachusetts*
Mr. William Cavanaugh, New York
Mr. Rueben Chacko, Massachusetts*
Ms. Deborah A. Charren, Massachusetts
Ms. Mary E. Courtney, Massachusetts
Dr. & Mrs. Michael F. Cristoforo, Illinois*
Mrs. Monique C. Cunningham, New York
Atty. Colleen C. Currie, Massachusetts
Mr. Claude C. Curtis, Massachusetts
Mr. Gary Curtis, Massachusetts
Mrs. & Mrs. James M. Daly, Massachusetts
Ms. Hazel Dardano, Massachusetts*
Thanks to Ms. Pineda for organizing a bunk bed donation!
Rev. John T. Dean, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Dermody, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert T. DiFiore, Massachusetts
Ms. Lauren DeLisi, Massachusetts
Mr. Bill Densmore, Massachusetts
Mr. Wayne Doerphotz, Massachusetts
Ms. Meg Donnelly, Massachusetts
Mrs. Barbara M. Duda, Massachusetts*
Mr. & Mrs. Brian D. Duncan, Massachusetts
Ms. Julie A. Dupuis, Massachusetts*
Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Durand, Massachusetts
Sr. Virginia Duross, SSJ, Springfield, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Duval, Massachusetts
Ms. Marilyn R. Erickson, Massachusetts*
Mr. & Mrs. Barry J. Farrell, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Fitzell, Massachusetts
Dr. William J. Fitzgerald, Connecticut*
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry D. Fix, Massachusetts*
Ms. Sarah Floro, Honduras
Mrs. Jackie Fontaine, Massachusetts
Fran's Jewelry, Massachusetts*
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Gibbs & Family, North Carolina
Ms. Irene M. Giguere, Massachusetts
Ms. Audrey M. Gilhooly, Connecticut
Atty. & Mrs. William G. Gilmore, Virginia*
Mrs. Catherine Glennon, Massachusetts
Mr. John S. Goda, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Gary M. Gorman, Massachusetts
GoodSearch, Los Angeles, California (and all you faithful users!!)
Rev. Msgr. Homer P. Gosselin, Massachusetts
Ms. Marilyn A. Griffin, Massachusetts
Mr. E. Lary Grossman, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Guistina, Massachusetts*
Hampden County Deputy Sheriffs' Association Inc., Massachusetts
Ms. Jennifer Henning, Pennsylvania*
Holy Cross Parish, JustFaith, Springfield, Massachusetts
Holyoke Catholic High School BINGO, Massachusetts
Ms. Rita L. Houlihan, New York
Mr. & Mrs. Massey - Our Favorite Mentors :)
Mr. & Mrs. Philip C. Infurna, Massachusetts*
Mr. & Mrs. Michael A. Irwin, Massachusetts
Mr. Douglas A. Jacobs, Michigan
Mrs. Dorothy J. Jayes, Massachusetts
Ms. Genevieve Joyce, Massachusetts
Sr. Kathleen Keating, SSJ, Springfield, Massachusetts*
Dr. & Mrs. Jack Kelley, Indiana
Mr. & Mrs. James B. Kelly, Michigan
Dr. & Mrs. Peter C. Kenny, Massachusetts*
Rev. John D. Kirwin, New York
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Kitchell, Jr., Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Kocylowski, Pennsylvania
Ms. Lorraine U. Kotelnicki, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Labonte, Jr., Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Labrie, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Lachowetz, Massachusetts
Ms. Clare LaMontagne, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Guy R. Lanza, Massachusetts*
Mr. Leonard J. Lapon, Massachusetts
Br. Brian Lawson, New Hampshire
Sr. Catherine Leary, SSJ, Springfield, Massachusetts
Mr. Dave Leh, Massachusetts
Mr. Joseph Lipic, Florida
Ms. Gisele Litalien, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Losurdo, Illinois*
Ms. Cynthia A. Loveless, Massachusetts
Mr. Anthony F. Lucia, Jr., Massachusetts
Fr. Robert L. Mahoney, Texas
Mr. Ronald C. Mannino, Massachusetts
Marco Island Sunrise Rotary Members, Marco Island, Florida
Ms. Johannah Marcoux, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Mariani, Massachusetts*
Ms. Teresa Mariani, Massachusetts
Ms. Cynthia C. Marr, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. John Massey, El Salvador*
Mr. Mark Mayberry, Massachusetts
Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. McArdle, Florida
Mr. Kevin M. McCarthy, Massachusetts
Mr. Timothy McCarthy, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. McKay, Michigan
Mrs. Norma G. Mercier, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Messer, Massachusetts*
Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Meyer, Massachusetts
Mission Committee of Immaculate Conception Parish, Easthampton, Massachusetts*
Mission Committee of Our Lady of the Valley Parish, Easthampton, Massachusetts*
Ms. Christine A. Moriarty, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Moynihan, Massachusetts
Mr. James J. Nadeau, Massachusetts
Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary Church Ladies Sodality, Chicopee, MA
Mrs. Valeria M. Novak, Massachusetts
Ms. Amy O'Brien, Massachusetts*
Mr. & Mrs. Drew O'Hara, Massachusetts
Mr. Joseph Olivier, Louisiana
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. O'Neil, Massachusetts
Sr. Catherine Ormond, SSJ, Springfield, Massachusetts*
Mr. & Mrs. Alberto R. Ortiz, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick J. Orwat, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Maurice O'Shea, Massachusetts
Ms. Madeleine Pack, Massachusetts
Ms. Dorothy J. Parker, Massachusetts*
Ms. Katheryn M. Parsons, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. J. Stan Parsons, Massachusetts*
Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Paul, Massachusetts
Mrs. Pat Perrotti, Pennsylvania
Ms. Jan Peterson, Massachusetts
Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Porter, Ohio*
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Quackenbush III, New York
Mrs. Stasia Ragoza, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph J. Ratyna, Connecticut
Ms. Jacqueline M. Regan, Massachusetts
John K. Rhicard, DMD, Massachusetts
Mrs. Mary K. Rider, Massachusetts*
Ms. Nicole Robilotto, New York
Ms. Caitlin Rooke, Massachusetts
Mr. Dick Roos, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel P. Rukakoski, Massachusetts
Ms. Christine Ruppert, Maryland
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Ruppert, Maryland*
The Rust Family, Indiana
Ms. Regina A. Rust, Indiana*
Ms. Sylvia J. Rust, Indiana*
Ms. Karolina M. Sadowicz, Massachusetts
Ms. Faith B. St. Onge, Massachusetts
Mr. Mark Salvini, Massachusetts
Mr. William Saunders, Connecticut
Rev. Thomas M. Shea, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. John F. Sheehan, Massachusetts
Ms. Sue A. Shepanek, Michigan
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Sheridan & Family, Massachusetts*
Mr. & Mrs. James S. Sheridan & Family, Massachusetts*
Ms. Kate B. Sheridan, Massachusetts
Ms. Kel Sheridan, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Michael P. Sheridan & Family, Massachusetts*
Mr. & Mrs. Philip J. Sheridan, Florida*
Mr. Sean M. Sheridan, Massachusetts
Ms. Janet J. Sikes, Massachusetts
The Silpe Foundation Inc., Florida*
Ms. Ann Snyder, Massachusetts
Ms. Monica Sobrero & Martin Sobrero, Uruguay
Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Sobrero, Uruguay*
Mrs. Edward Sowell, Massachusetts
Ms. Laura Stankiewicz, Honduras
Mr. & Mrs. Ralph S. Strycharz, Massachusetts
Ms. Joyce M. Sustar-Martucci, New York*
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Sutton and family, Massachusetts
Mr. Wayne Talamas, Florida
Mr. Dan Therrien, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Thompson, Massachusetts
Rev. Mr. William R. Toller, Massachusetts
Sr. Maureen Toomey, SND, Springfield, Massachusetts
Mr. Joseph M. Toritto & Family, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. Triggs, Massachusetts*
Ms. Athanasia S. Vakakas, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Volpe, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas D. Wallace, Massachusetts
Ms. Christina R. Weckstrom, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Karl B. Weckstrom & Family, Massachusetts
Ms. Theresa Weigel, Florida
Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Wilson, Massachusetts
Ms. Jeanine Wilson, Massachusetts
Mr. Jeff Witt, Massachusetts
Mr. & Mrs. Flavian Zeugin, New Jersey
 Thank you International School of San Salvador, Supply Drive
San Marco Catholic Church Yes, Lord Prayer Group, Florida
St. Brigid Parish, Amherst, Massachusetts
St. Mary's Women's Guild, Chicopee, Massachusetts*
St. Patrick's Ladies' Guild, South Hadley, Massachusetts
St. Patrick Parish, South Hadley, Massachusetts*
St. Rose de Lima Parish CCD Program, Aldenville, Massachusetts
St. Vincent de Paul Society, St. Mary's, Willimansett, Massachusetts
> > > GIFTS IN KIND: < < <
Ave Maria University Language Institute, San Salvador, El Salvador
International School of San Salvador, San Benito, El Salvador
Mr. & Mrs. Ackerman, El Salvador
Mr. Jim Bosworth, Sons, & Family, El Salvador
Mr. & Mrs. Peter DeSoto, El Salvador
Mr. & Mrs. Sam Hawkins, El Salvador
Mr. It Joo Ahn, El Salvador
Ms. Lety Koch, El Salvador
Mr. & Mrs. John Massey, El Salvador
Ms. Ann Bruce Pineda, El Salvador
Ms. Carolyn Robinson, Vancouver, Canada
Ms. Susan Tilton Pecora, Massachusetts
Mr. Tim Sweeney, Massachusetts
Ms. Pam Truesdale, El Salvador
PanAmerican School, Colonia Escolan, El Salvador